Are you sure, Eastenders?

Yes, I am a soapie. And yes, I watch Eastenders. Oh, and yes. This is a post about who killed Lucy Beale.


* Warning – I am a soapie and this is a soapland post, that will be followed by another after Eastenders finally tells me what happened to Lucy! (Us nurses are partial to a little soapland now and again – or in my case every night – as they let us escape reality for a little bit, sorry!) *

The Eastenders team has kept us waiting for 308 days (I didn’t count, the team or BBC or someone posted something earlier, I’m not that obsessed), and even after the live episode where the “killer” was revealed, they’re still claiming that there is more to come with a killer twist! I, along with so many other people have been waiting for this and I feel so let down – even though thinking back it should have been obvious it was Jane.

I’m still not 100% convinced though, especially after the Eastenders team tweeted about a killer twist in the episode at 9.25pm…


My Twitter and Facebook timelines are going mad right now with various conspiracies thanks to the above tweets – some think that Peter helped Jane cover it up, some think Bobby killed Lucy and Jane covered it up for him – Bobby? Really? – but my theory is Cindy killed Lucy, Jane took the wrap because Cindy has a baby. or maybe that’s why Jane killed Lucy? Remember when Lucy was pregnant, Jane was meant to adopt her baby because she can’t have children but then Lucy said no and had an abortion? Underlying resentment and a motive right there! But would Jane really kill her for that?

Anyway, I’ll post a part 2 to this post either tonight (if my eyes still work) or at some point tomorrow.

What are your thoughts on the story line? Did it go on too long? Was it really the biggest thing to happen to Eastenders? Or was it built up only for us all to be bitterly disappointed that it wasn’t Abi (like me)?


Author: itsjustlittleoldme


2 thoughts on “Are you sure, Eastenders?”

  1. I gave up watching Eastenders for ages, but I just had to start watching again, knowing the reveal was coming up. I guessed from the start that it was Bobby, with Jane covering for him- all the other suspects were too obvious. I think it’s a good twist! Bobby obviously doesn’t understand that Lucy is dead, and I’m guessing that Max moved the body, believing that abi had killed her. It will explain Emma’s ‘you knew’ line. Will Ian forgive Bobby? Will Jane even TELL Ian?


    1. I was gutted with the ending, an anticlimax to me. I understand bobby doesn’t understand what he’s done, but still. It will all come out eventually, always does in soapland 🙂 x


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