Yes, another trip to Soapland…

Bobby Beale killed Lucy? Was that let down or what?


BOBBY BEALE you little devil. Bless him though I don’t think he knew what he had done (yes, I know it’s not real but, you know…). I’m disappointed in Eastenders though, it seems like they literally went for the least likely person it could be… her youngest brother.

Right up until Abi was 100% ruled out, i wanted it to be her, her character is boring, and in an attempt to make her a little bit interesting we saw her turn from sweet little Abi to a bitchy teenager who is so desperate for attention she decided she’s now in love with Ben – who we all know is gay. This would have at least added something to her character.

But Bobby? What are they going to do? Send him off to prison forever or is this a repeat of when Lauren tried to kill Max and Tanya took the wrap? Is it byebye Jane as she’s carted off to prison – just as she marries Ian (again!).

For a story line that went on that long, the flashback episode didn’t really live up to expectations, and neither did the killer!

Well played Eastenders for catching us out, but I still wish it was Abi, or even Jane. Bobby didn’t cut it for me.

What are your thoughts on the young killer? And how the hell did he manage to keep quiet and act normal all this time?!

Lesson learned – don’t do drugs, or keep jewellery boxes on the table.


Author: itsjustlittleoldme


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