Being Online – is it safe?

Being safe online is key. I’ve been tricked once or twice myself.

I’m of the generation where my teenage life took place largely online. I wasn’t the most popular girl in school, so I gravitated towards online social media to make some new friends – after all, you can be anyone you like online. That, however, is the danger of meeting online.

Throughout my years on various social networks, I have been lucky enough to meet some amazing people – 2 of my close friends I met through social media, that’s also where I met Joe – but I’ve also been unlucky to fall victim to fake profiles.

One girl faked a profile, got caught, apologised and then did it again! When we found her out I confronted her and she still stuck to her story that she was the real person. Other profiles, I’m not 100% sure are fake, but i do have my suspicions. Thankfully, I’m not in contact with those people anymore – I found friends in real life!

Remember, there are always ways to make sure someone is real while you’re talking to them – think Catfish tactics – and if they’re not willing to prove themselves, but want a friendship, I’d be wary. It doesn’t mean they are lying, but it is a bit of a warning sign. Skype is an amazing thing – I used MSN back in the day when that’s where the cool kids were – and it’s so easy to just click on the little webcam button! But that’s for you guys to decide.

I’m not saying I’d recommend meeting people online, as nothing beats meeting someone in real life and having all the little awkward moments getting to know each other, but I also wouldn’t write it off. I mean, without online meeting, I wouldn’t have two of my closest friends or my fiance. And, isn’t a blog a kind of social media? I socialise with bloggers everyday with no fear of my personal safety. What I will say, is make sure you know how to stay safe online.

Parents, if any are reading, I’d love to hear your perspectives. With so much going on online now, and so many ways to access the internet, are you worried about what your children are up to online? Have you spoken to them about how to stay safe online and what response did you get?

For those of you who have had similar experiences to mine – or completely different – have your online experiences changed the way you interact with people over the internet?

I’ve learned from a lot from my mistakes when meeting people online, and I’m not really on the social media scene now – aside from the usual Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – and I’ve made friends in the real world, even bringing some of my “online friends” into that world!

As Joe says to me every day when I leave for work “Have fun, stay safe”.



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14 thoughts on “Being Online – is it safe?”

  1. I hadn’t considered a blog a kind of social media before, then I look at the twenty-comment conversations I have with people and realise you’re totally right – if anything, Facebook’s become a place where I organise things with my friends, and WordPress is the place where I actually talk to and engage with them.

    Also, I’ve never met anyone on Facebook (apart from one person), I’ve only used it to formalise relationships with people I already know in reality; something like WordPress, where it’s more about the ideas you present instead of the narcissistic pictures you share, is probably better for meeting people.

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    1. Exactly. I’d never really thought about it but it is a social platform with the primary purpose being blog writing, but also allowing us to interact and get to know each other.
      I haven’t yet had any lengthy conversations with people, but I am new to the WordPress world, and funnily enough I feel more comfortable here than I do on other platforms.

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      1. Not to sound stupid and elitist but (always a great way to start a sentence) maybe WordPress attracts the kind of people you’re more comfortable around? Like, everyone on WordPress is into writing and, presumably, reading, and so might be more open to receiving and sharing ideas and opinions, rather than something like Facebook where people only interest with each other because they know each other, rather than any kind of shared traits like that.

        But let me know if that’s too elitist and stupid.

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        1. No, you’re right. And that’s why I haven’t connected my Facebook to my WordPress.
          I enjoy the fact that people choose to click on my blog and have a read, and then choose whether or not to comment.
          A lot of my Facebook “friends” are there out of obligation – being family/people I went to Uni with, etc, and it doesn’t have the same level of choice.
          I also feel as though I can really open up on here, talk about things that matter to be without worrying I’m going to be judged.


          1. Nah, you’ll be judged here too, but perhaps more eloquently. I’m mastering the art of ignoring, that I have a load of people I don’t know or care for from school from God knows how long ago on Facebook, but I’m just not engaging with them in any way.

            I do have WordPress linked to Facebook though, and it’s quite nice to see a few clicks from Facebook to WordPress – reminds me that some of my Facebook ‘friends’ are actual friends 🙂


            1. Well I haven’t been judged yet (I don’t think), but then I haven’t written anything that meaningful yet. I’m sure the judging will come eventually!

              I feel as though I’m judged for everything on Facebook (the great world of insecurity) so I’d rather keep this separate. Saying that, a few people are aware of my blog.

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              1. If you want judging I can do that! *opens book of generic criticisms*

                Do those people who know about your blog give you any feedback or anything? I find I’m less aggressive or confrontational when I think that my friends are gonna read this, and I’d never talk like that to their faces even if my content won’t change (them actually reading it helps validate this editing process).


                1. I’m enjoying the no judging at the moment, but thanks for the offer!

                  Umm, two of them said I write well (but they’re my friends so y’know lol). That’s really the only feedback I’ve had.. aside from people saying they’re enjoying the posts.


  2. It is always a worry as a parent knowing what your child is doing online, I did not grow up with the Internet, but i realise it is part of life now. In some ways it is wonderful, For example for research and homework but the social networking sites do worry me a bit, Kids can be so cruel to each other and there is a lot of cyber bullying around. I have spoken to my daughter at length about staying safe online, and limit her access but you can never be totally sure.

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    1. I’m glad you managed to have a chat with your daughter about staying safe online, was it well received?
      Cyber bullying is awful, mainly because a lot of it is anonymised and you don’t really know who is responsible! I genuinely feel for anyone who has been through any kind of bullying, having been through it myself.


      1. She understands it to a point, especially as they do cover it quite a lot at school.
        I am very sorry to hear that you were bullied. It is so unnecessary, and devastating for the victims. Thank God you got through it. You have made a wonderful career for yourself and should be proud. They however , should be ashamed of themselves.


        1. Thank you, I don’t like to consider myself a victim though. Although it hurt, I got through it and I’m still here! Which is more than can be said for other people going through it.
          At least she has a basic understanding, and I’m glad schools are now covering the subject.

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