The Lake District

It was the best few days we’ve ever had..
Warning – a very, very long post.


*this could be quite long, I understand if you leave half way through – or don’t even start*

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Monday: Getting there.

The day you get to your destination, not a whole lot tends to happen. I mean, we had a good breakfast, got a faster train. checked in and explored the little village, but other than that, Monday was pretty uneventful.

Tuesday: Exploring Day One:

We all know fry ups are a must if you’re staying in a B&B – why go and just have cereal? – so once we’d eaten, we started on our adventure. The plan was to go to Orrest Head, but I went the wrong way and we ended up in Bowness – the best mistake I have ever made. After getting the ferry across the lake, we spent almost 5 hours in the woods trekking through I don’t even know what through wind, rain, hail and snow, and I guarantee we had more fun than the family we saw who looked like they were sticking to the walk way (forever named as the selfie family).

Joe also found and named a stick, which later died after Joe got us lost in the woods with no idea where to go – karma!

Finally, though, we made it out and headed back across the lake in search of food. The walk back wouldn’t have been too long, but our legs couldn’t take much more, so taxi it was.

Best afternoon ever.

Wednesday: Thanks Barry!

After the adventure of yesterday, we were hoping for an easier walk but with a few challenges, and boy did Barry come through for us! He showed us a map where you go by waterfalls and then do a climb and then walk back round.

The waterfalls were stunning, and the climb, daunting as it was, was definitely worth the pain it took to get up there! But, after two hours of climbing to 1597ft, and an hour getting down, we ditched the trail and went for food instead – where the pub messed up my order – and ended up back at the B&B in the pool.

The views from the top were truly unforgettable – thanks Barry!

Thursday: Getting ready to go home.

We all end up feeling sad on the last day of our holidays. The week has been amazing, no stress and real life has been abandoned for a bit. So packing up the rest of our stuff and handing over the keys was not an easy thing to do. But, we didn’t waste the day.

Instead, we went through the village, bought some sweets from a cute little sweet shop and explored Bowness again – and of course, climbed another hill. This time though, it was only 784ft (the one we were meant to do on Tuesday) but the views were still absolutely stunning.

Then back to the pub for a drink, getting some food and then picking up our stuff to head back to the dull London life we’re used to.

Virgin trains annoyed me though. Apparently reserving seats mean nothing, even when the ticket inspector checks your ticket and you tell them someone is in your seat! Virgin replied saying they were happy we at least had a seat – not impressed Virgin.

Aside from the grumpy londoners though, getting home wasn’t too bad, and we were definitely happy to be reunited with our bed and the cats.

And finally

As a couple, Joe and I needed this holiday. We needed to get away from the hustle and bustle of real life and kind of reconnect. We talked about our future, where we want to be and what we’re going to do. The next few months are going to be hard but knowing what we want is half the battle.

If you haven’t been to the lakes, you should go (if you can climb, otherwise the only thing we found to do is a ferry ride). We’ve spent the last few days relaxed, peaceful and happy – money can’t buy that.

Oh, and here are some more photos we took!


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