Football Fun!

Football is a wonderful game.. when it’s played well. And when you meet players.


I’m sure it’s an age old story, but since Joe and I got together, he has made sure his love for Charlton Athletic has seeped into our relationship somehow. Now, I enjoy going to games, I actually take an interest – sometimes – outside of games and I’ve even considered getting a season ticket for us both if we can afford it!

The thing I refuse to do, is watch the same thing over and over again. Especially if I’m there – I saw it the first time, I really don’t need to see it again.

The best bit about starting to enjoy the wonderful game, is meeting the players that come with the game. So far, I’ve met Chris Powell, Danny Haines, Danny Green, Bradley Pritchard, Yann Kermorgant, Diego Poyet, and today, Johnnie Jackson – he’s just there, he’s lovely. They are the nicest people I’ve met and are nothing like the stereotypes you read of footballers nowadays.

Johnnie Jackson.

So tonight, aside from meeting Jackson, the team won, I thoroughly enjoyed my half time chips & hot chocolate and I have a happy Joe – yay!

The downside to football, I’ve found, is the frustrating way in which the players act. Nottingham Forest did not play nice today – poor Tony Watt – but it’s sadly what you see all too often nowadays. Can’t we all just play nice – after all, it is just a game.

Do any of you support a team? Or get dragged to matches by a partner? Believe me, if you try and enjoy it, it does get a little easier and even fun!

Good night out with Joe, thought I’d share with you lovely lot!


Author: itsjustlittleoldme


3 thoughts on “Football Fun!”

  1. Women going to matches and playing the game professionally only enhances and makes the beautiful game far far better! But shame your blokey didnt support man u 😛


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