Goodbyes are hard at the best of times.


Saying some form of farewell happens every day – goodbye, seeya, see you soon, goodnight – but do we ever stop and think for a second what we’d do if it was our final farewell to a loved one?

Today, I spent the afternoon saying a final farewell to my great, great aunt. A woman who spent all of her time making sure everyone was okay. It was hard, sad and tiring – I represented my Mum and our side of the family as I’m the closest in distance. The thing is, it brought back horrible memories from saying a final goodbye to my Nan last year, and that was probably the hardest thing from today. I spent my final hours with my Nan in a not so great mood, but I made sure I told her I loved her.

That’s what I do. To my Mum, Joe and various members of my family, if I’m ever leaving, getting off the phone or just signing off the final message in texts, the words I love you are always there.

When I lived at home, I wouldn’t even pop to the shops without kissing mum on the cheek and saying “I love you”, and now it’s the same with Joe – only he says “I love you, have fun, stay safe”. I really do believe the way you say goodbye can have a huge impact on life. If something were to happen to someone I loved, I’d like to think the last words I said to them were “I love you”. In the case of both my aunt and my Nan, they were.

Sadly, I still haven’t been able to say goodbye to Nanny, which is why the grieving process is a bit nasty sometimes, but I’m sure, in time, I’ll get there and be able to remember her with fond memories without getting upset at the thought of her.

Make sure that whenever you leave a loved one, you tell them what they mean to you. It may mean more than you think.


Author: itsjustlittleoldme


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