A reminder…

It’s nice to remember why you’ve chosen to spend the rest of your life with someone.


I’ve made no secret of the fact that I’m marrying my best friend, and every day, in little ways I’m reminded just why I call him that.

We have mini arguments in public to see how people react. We were in Boots once paying for something, pretending to argue and the poor checkout guy didn’t have a clue what to do, who to look at or what to say. We were in Asda – and for the life of us we cannot remember what we said – and we got the biggest chuckle from an old lady behind us. There are more, but probably not appropriate for the internet world.

We genuinely have the same thoughts. At the football game the other night, Joe was talking about the ball boys, and how if it was him he’d mess around a little bit if he got the ball. Without even looking at each other, we both started singing the “want it, can’t have it” song, then burst into laughter. Earlier today, Megan Traynor was on the TV, and when she sang “from the bottom to the top”, we both did actions for top to bottom, then realised we’d messed up. We do it all the time, we think the same things at the same time. It’s mad!

Name Calling. Everywhere I look, someone is saying that name calling shouldn’t be part of a relationship. Rubbish. As long as both people know it’s in jest and out of love, who cares? I’m constantly being called Bakes, Pork Chop, Piglet, etc, – my surname is Bacon – and I call Joe Podgey or Joseph. It’s all out of fun, and if one of us ever got upset over it, we’d stop.

We’re antisocial together. Neither of us are social butterflies. We’d both rather a night in front of the TV rather than going out into town. Half the time, even when we’re in, he’s on the playstation and I’m on the laptop, or we’re watching two completely different things while sat next to each other.

We don’t want the world. We just want each other. So many couples nowadays need presents and parties and masses of compliments about how amazing their relationship is. We’re quite happy with a takeaway and a cuppa, the occasional little gift thrown in. 

I genuinely wouldn’t be without him. He’s been by my side for a long time, even before we were in a relationship. In our opinion, a relationship should be based on friendship. It provides a stronger base.

Who wants a relationship that’s boring? How did you meet your partner? Do you think relationships should be based on a friendship, or just jump right in?


Author: itsjustlittleoldme


7 thoughts on “A reminder…”

    1. I’ve just read the post and it’s lovely 🙂
      I agree, what’s right is right. What worked for us worked for us, the same for you and your wife 🙂
      Thank you for engaging, commenting and sharing your story 🙂

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  1. I really liked this post. I pretty much jumped into the relationship, after two weeks of knowing him, but by this time I already knew that I liked him and our personalities just clicked. Eight years on and still going strong. I think my relationship probably looks a little boring from the outside, there isn’t a lot of drama and a great night for us can be something like having dinner, watching netflix and just being together. But my fiancé is my best friend and we don’t need flashy dates or snazzy gifts to know what we have is amazing. I wrote a post-Valentine’s day post along these lines about all the seemingly boring ways I know he loves me, which you can find that here if you are interested http://fearofthereaper.com/2015/02/16/ten-reasons-i-didnt-need-valentines-day-to-know-he-loves-me/

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    1. Sometimes you need to jump! We met online so jumping wasn’t too easy. But we’re nearly 4 years into the relationship and just over 5 for our friendship 🙂
      I’ll go check your post out now! Sorry for the delayed response, my phone isn’t the best to type on.
      Thank you for engaging.

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