Make the most of it.

Life is short. Make the most of every second.


1: Marry your best friend, not your Mum. The person you marry should be someone you can have fun with, argue and make up with, be happy with. You don’t want to marry someone because they’ll baby you and do everything for you. You already have a Mum.

2: Laugh until your belly hurts. Don’t spend all your time stressed and worrying about things. Watch a funny movie. Crack bad jokes with friends/partners. Just laugh!

3: Make up before you go to bed. Let’s be honest, are you really going to sleep properly anyway? Make up. You don’t have to be happy, but make up and sleep well.

4: Take risks. If you don’t, you’ll just regret the chances you didn’t take.

5: Do what makes you happy. I’m all up for putting other people first, but if you don’t do what makes you happy, you’ll be miserable. Who wants that?



Author: itsjustlittleoldme


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