“Sod it and Publish”

Sometimes you need to just press “publish”.


Just a quick post to pass on a little bit of advice I was given on the previous post by edwinasepisodes (sorry, I have no idea how to tag another blog on my phone) – “Sod it and publish”.

I pass this piece of advice on to every person who may come across this post. If you’re anything like me and you delete 100 posts because you don’t think they’re any good, this motto might be for you.

We shouldn’t be too worried about what people might think, especially when you’re blogging about personal things.

So I challenge you all to just go sod it and publish every now and again. You never know, it could be the post that most people connect with.

(I apologise for this not being the best written post, it’s been tapped our on my phone.)


Author: itsjustlittleoldme


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