Getting to Know

Let’s get to know each other a little better, shall we?


According to my handy little stats page, I have 64 followers (thank you to each and every one of you, you really boost my confidence to blog by clicking the little follow button), yet I know little/nothing about you all! 

So, what I’d like you to do (if you have the time) is to write 5 little facts about yourself, along with something you’d like to read from me – I don’t want you all getting bored!

To get us started, I’ll tell you 5 facts about myself – that aren’t on my About page.

1: I met Joe online.

2: I have 3 brothers and 3 sisters.

3: I enjoyed school.

4: I don’t have a lot of confidence.

5: I love to exercise and bake.

Now it’s your turn. Let’s get to know each other better.


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25 thoughts on “Getting to Know”

  1. 1. I am unable (not unwilling) to be vaccinated for medical reasons.
    2. I love to play and write music, but am only good at the drums.
    3. My wife has literally saved my life more than once.
    4. I’m almost 40 already, but still feel like I’m 15.
    5. My favorite food is a double-double (regular style) from In n’ Out Burger, but their are none where I currently live.

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    1. Your wife sounds amazing, definitely someone special.
      I wish I could play an instrument – instead I love listening.
      Don’t grow up! You’re only as young as you feel… I don’t know about In n’ Out Burger..

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          1. They are based out of Cali, but they are slow to grow due to their dedication to fresh ingredients…the furthest east I have seen so far myself is Dallas, TX…I would take a bet that they probably haven’t expanded over the pond yet either…


  2. 1. I am a homeschooling mom of four girls.
    2. I was in the Army for five years and my husband is still in the Army.
    3. I have two giant English Mastiffs.
    4. I was born in Germany, grew up in California, and now live in Wisconsin.
    5. I miss living near the beach.

    What is your favorite place to visit?

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      1. I always thought homeschooling would be difficult, but it was more difficult seeing my children struggle in public school. I don’t like where I live, but I love the people here. If Wisconsin wasn’t miserably cold for 3/4 of the year and had an ocean, it would be the perfect place to live! I will have to read your post!

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        1. Yeah, I guess you need to see what’s right for your children. If homeschooling works then well done you!
          Yeah, I don’t like where I live either 😦
          There are lots more photos but didn’t want to overload the post!

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  3. 1. In May I will officially be a mom of three..that seemed to happen so fast. That mandatory mom blog here:
    2. I was born and raised in Texas (all over), but this past holiday my family was moved to Alabama…quite the adjustment. (I miss the beach too)
    3. I fill my days with writing, crafting, and mommin’
    4. I live for caffeinated beverages…no energy drinks though.
    5. Currently house shopping, excited to finally find the home we don’t ever have to leave.


  4. 1- I have had a minimum (these are just the ones I can count off top of my head) of 15 hair colours in the last 12 years and about 6 hairstyles varying from long curls to a full mohawk
    2 – I love cheesy, bad 80s and 90s music
    3 – I’ve had 3 lots of brain surgery in the last 10 years
    4 – I have a collection of about twenty odd cuddly penguins, the last addition is called Squishy.
    5 – I have a serious comic book addiction


    1. Wow! That’s a lot of hair colour!
      Brain surgery sounds scary though 😦 no more to come I hope?
      I love cuddly toys – I’m just not allowed them!


  5. 1. I used to want to be a priest
    2. I really don’t like whistling
    3. I love ice-skating, but I’m rubbish at it
    4. I like playing up to the British stereotype now that I live abroad
    5. I like to skip and cartwheel when either no-one is around or when people are around but it’ll be too much fun to embarrass my boyfriend not to


    1. A priest? Wow. What put you off in the end? I’m too much of a wimp to try ice skating. Haha! Stereotype it up! What kind of things are you doing?
      Embarrass your boyfriend whenever you can, it makes life interesting ;).


      1. I realised it might involve more work than getting a free house to chat to people once a week! I stereotype it up by talking endlessly about tea, the weather and sounding as much like the Queen as I can. I also like to throw in as many weird British phrases as possible, to test people’s language skills when they try to help me by responding in English to my French. Can’t wait until I have kids, I’m going to be the most embarrassing mum in the history of the universe, for now I practice on the fella!


  6. 1. I love nursing, but i might also venture into social work or counselling in future. My goal in nursing is a Masters and/or PhD in clinical nursing!

    2. I love the UK!!! Been there thrice. I would love to work there at least once in my life, not necessarily as a nurse!

    3. I just picked up stand-up paddling and it is AWESOME.

    4. Do you know i’m from Singapore? I hate the humidity and how it gets so hot here.

    5. I’m so chronically tired, now my GP is suspecting narcolepsy or OSA because i’ve been falling asleep while walking, falling asleep till my hair is all in my drink, falling asleep while eating etc.


    1. Oooo looks like we have similar goals!
      The UK is SO boring when you live here though – well, wherever you live may be boring. If you do come again, go explore the Lake District if you’re able to go hiking and climbing. Check my post about the lakes here:
      What’s stand up paddling? (I could be being a bit silly here..)
      Humidity sucks, it takes the niceness away from hot weather.
      Ouch that sucks, are they doing anything to find out what the cause is?


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