Hello Adulthood.

Blog posts may slow down a little bit, but life is speeding up.

After three years at University, I finally take the first step in my new career tomorrow, and if that wasn’t exciting enough, I get to meet Joe’s Auntie who’s over from Dubai after work! But shh, it was meant to be a secret – oops.

Anyway, obviously I’ve spent the last few days getting ready – loading the kindle with books for my travel to and from work, got a new haircut and a new bag, and I’ve planned lunches, etc – all very boring, but important tasks to complete! So tonight will be spent with Joe. We’re going to eat ice cream, drink hot chocolate and watch bad TV while saying goodbye to my student life, and welcoming in real life adulthood!

Since starting this blog, I have tried to post at least once per day, but there is a chance I could slip a bit while I get into the swing of things at work. You might get a few little pictures or snippets from my day, but maybe nothing a bit more thoughtful. Bare with me, I will be back!

I hope you enjoy your evening!



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