I’m not sure grief is something that ever goes away.

Does it ever leave? Will I ever get through it? Right now, it seems really unlikely.



Author: itsjustlittleoldme


8 thoughts on “Grief.”

  1. Every person deals with loss differently based on the personal importance of the loss; the loss of a parent, child, loved one, spouse, friend, pet, neighbor, BF/GF or co-worker. The deeper the relationship with the person(s) will often determine how deep the bereavement period of grief. I lost my mom 25 years ago. I never forget the loss but I’m no longer emotionally caught up in the loss of her. Time makes it easier to live with the loss–it doesn’t take away the memories.


    1. I lost my nan 9 months ago to leukaemia and not even started to deal with it. At first I was too busy to grieve, but now I’m just avoiding it completely.

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      1. I got my strength through prayer; but I had to deal with it. It’s sounds easy but it’s not. However, let your loving memories stand out above your pain. There’s no set time. No one can do it for you. Only you can do this…and you will.


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