Blogging Events.

So, I’ve just signed up to Writing 101… I wanted to do Blogging 101 but it hasn’t come up yet for me to sign up (if it has, please send me a link!). I decided to take part in this event/class to help my writing and help me post more! It’s nice to have a helping hand sometimes!

The thing is, I want to sign up for more events, but I don’t really understand how. There’s a really nice one about posting a photo and writing 1000 words about it, but I don’t really understand how to sign up for it, and other events! If any of you wonderful readers could help me out, I’d really appreciate it! I really want to do well at this writing/blogging thing!


Author: itsjustlittleoldme


8 thoughts on “Blogging Events.”

      1. Hmm, I thought they simply had a form you filled out, and then they sent notifications to you or something like that. Not having done it I’m not positive, but that’s the way I understood it to work.


          1. Oh, then I think you just comment that you’d like to participate and watch for their prompts. The only prompts I did was a two week challenge by Kurt Brindley and that’s pretty much all it was. He’d post a prompt, you’d submit your response in the comments. Maybe on your own blog if that is the rules the blogger has.


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