Writing 101 Begins Tomorrow!

I’m always up for a new challenge. A new way to better myself and improve my skills.

So, I decided to take up Writing 101. And when other Blogging. U. courses come out I’ll take them too! I’ve heard good things about these courses and I can’t wait to connect with new people, learn new writing skills and make this blog a lot better, with a lot more to read and a lot more interaction.

If you’re taking part in writing 101, let me know! We can support each other through it all and give each other hints and tips when we’re stuck!

Happy writing.



Author: itsjustlittleoldme


4 thoughts on “Writing 101 Begins Tomorrow!”

  1. I did ‘Writing 101’ last year. It’s an excellent thing to do and a real challenge. Stick at it and enjoy. Will pop by every so often to see what you’ve done. Jemverse ‘Writing 101’ efforts are tagged as such if you fancy a look-see sometime.


    1. Thank you πŸ™‚ I’m really looking forward to it.
      I used to love to try and write songs/poetry but it never really worked out. Hopefully I’ll learn some good skills πŸ™‚

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