The NHS Patient Champion

I’ve been asked to write a post about an interesting person I’ve met this year. Well, the man I’m about to tell you a little bit about is the NHS Patient Champion, Ashley Brookes.

He was rushed into hospital by ambulance as he became ill due to AML – Leukamia. He was given treatment, cared for by doctors and nurses and had faith in the NHS. Everyday since he was given the all clear, he has thanked members of the NHS. He’s visited hospitals, boards and staff to say thank you. And do you know what I’d like to say? Thank you to you Ashley!

He claims he owes a lot to the NHS. It saved his life, gave him a son and allowed him to recover.

The reason he’s interesting to me is because he’s a patient who actively takes the time to say thank you to NHS staff. He’s a patient that shows staff what we do for people. He’s a patient that really gives us reason to carry on.

As a member of the NHS, it’s easy to become deflated. To feel like what you’re doing doesn’t matter to people. So, I’d like to ask you to do one thing. If someone does something to help you or your family, say thank you.



Author: itsjustlittleoldme


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