Family? What Family?

You might remember a while ago I posted about what family actually means to me, if not, you can go and catch it here. Anyway, yet again I’ve been reminded exactly why I don’t count those related to me as family.

A few days ago, I was told my Granddad has cancer. Not even a year since I lost my Nan and it’s all happening again. Yes, I know I need to think positive, but quite frankly I don’t know how to at this moment in time. Instead I’m just trying to ignore it.

The thing that gets me, is that not one of my so called family have checked to see if I’m okay. I don’t have any of my family near where I live, and it definitely seems like it’s out of sight out of mind to them. Maybe I’m being selfish. Maybe I’m clouded with anger and upset that I’m not seeing things clearly. But I don’t count them as family. Not after the way they treated my Nanny. Certainly not after the way they’re dealing with this.

I’m sorry for the really downbeat post after not really posting much this week, but I’m really unhappy with the way I’m being treated,Β or not treated, that I just needed to get it off my chest.



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7 thoughts on “Family? What Family?”

  1. Obviously you know way more about this and the people involved than I do, so I could be talking out of my arse here, and the last thing I want to do if piss you off even more, but there might be something in the ‘maybe I’m being selfish’ thing. Might be.

    Not that you’re the problem here, but the rest of your family have heard the same news, so each individual’s emphasis is probably going to be on the one with cancer, and how they assess and reassess their relationship with them. I don’t know about you but if I was told person x is suffering, my first thought wouldn’t be of person y.

    Either way, hope things go better for your granddad. Don’t worry about ignoring it or whatever – change the things you can, deal with what you can’t. And we’re not family, but you have readers that care about both of you πŸ™‚


    1. Thank you – that last bit means a lot. And I get what you’re saying, but they’re his in laws, haven’t spoken to him for years until nanny got sick and haven’t since. Our little bit of the family has always been disconnected, but a lot of promises were made on their part when we lost nanny, only to be ignored when they mattered most. Mum asked one of her cousins if certain people knew and all she said was “I don’t know I’ll ask tonight”, didn’t show any concern or anything.
      I guess I’m just annoyed at everything that’s happening at the moment, and feeling like I’m alone in it makes it worse.
      Thank you.


      1. I guess the whole illness thing has opened up other wounds as well as being a source of sadness in its own right? Then maybe focus on your granddad himself, rather than the wider problems of which he is partially emblematic?

        But it’s cool – I can’t offer much but I’ll offer it if it helps.

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        1. Yeah it has.. things are happening too close together and I’m finding it hard to deal with.
          Yeah I am πŸ™‚ we don’t know a lot about his condition yet, still a waiting game, but I’m here for him πŸ™‚
          Thank you πŸ™‚

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            1. It does help. If only to know someone’s taken the time to actually comment something on a piece I wrote while not in the best frame of mind.

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