Are you scared?

A conversation I remember clearly, one that will always stay with me is when I asked Nanny if she was scared.

Joe and I had gone to visit her and Granddad not long after we found out there was nothing left the doctors could do, Joe and Granddad went to the pub and I stayed with Nanny. I needed some time with her. I needed to ask her something.

I needed to know if she was scared of dying, of leaving us. She said no, she wasn’t scared of dying but she is worried about Granddad. She was worrying how he would cope when she was gone.Β 

Right until the end, she was always worrying about us. I was feeling sorry for myself for losing my Nanny, and she was making sure we were all okay.

I’ll never forget her telling me that she’s woken up crying a few times, upset that she knew she didn’t have long left. I’ll never forget the image that’s been left with me because of hearing that. But most importantly, I’ll never forget how strong she was for all of us. I’ll never forget how much she loved us all.



Author: itsjustlittleoldme


18 thoughts on “Are you scared?”

  1. A sweet story. I have gone through that myself, except I was Nanny. Explaining to my oldest grand daughter, 6 at the time. She is now 9 and I am in remission. I have more time to explain that I will never really leave her. A difficult topic. πŸ™‚

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  2. Sorry for your loss. I regret not asking both my parents the same question. We never discussed the fact that they were dying we only talked about their daily care. I wish I knew what was going in their minds during that time. I’m not sure they would have been honest anyway, I’m sure they would try to protect me


    1. I think that’s how a lot if people feel. I asked out of interest because everyone was asking how everyone else felt about it, not her.


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