A To-Do List for Life.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Satisfaction of a List.”

  1. Get married.
  2. Have children.
  3. Travel Europe.
  4. Excel in my career.
  5. Go on a cruise.
  6. Make the most of every second with the people I love.
  7. Get a PHD and become a Dr.
  8. Change my name (that comes with getting married).
  9. Make the ones I love proud.
  10. Be as happy as I can be.



Author: itsjustlittleoldme


10 thoughts on “A To-Do List for Life.”

  1. If it’s not horribly rude of me to ask, why is name-changing on the list? I might be totally wrong on this one, but I’d always seen that as part of getting married or whatever, rather than a thing in and of itself to be looked forward to. Please let me know if I’m being ignorant or stupid – marriage isn’t really my thing…

    And a cruise to anywhere in particular? Or just to have a holiday, except on a boat?


    1. Not rude at all haha. My name isn’t a great one, my surname anyway. While I won’t change it until I’m married, it’s still something that needs it’s own little tick box.
      A cruise to somewhere hot I think 🙂 maybe a med cruise or one to the Caribbean.

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            1. Yeah, it’s Bacon. (If you know my first name it only makes things worse). The married name is much better.


  2. Don’t be afraid of the journey either, if these things don’t happen. Work for them, stay the course, but sometimes, a lot of times actually, we cannot depend on life working out the way we plan and that is okay. Take joy in the moments that come.


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