Life happened.

Okay, I wanted to keep writing happier posts, but I’m actually finding it really difficult at the moment. This isn’t a post to try and get a reaction or anything, more one to just get things off of my chest before I explode!

A lot is going on at the moment, both good and bad. Joe has a new job, I’m applying to go back to university to climb the ladder in my career and we’re saving (sort of) towards our future. That’s all so good and I really am so happy! The only thing is, there’s also some bad, or uncomfortable, stressful things happening.

My Granddad is ill… cancer. As if it hasn’t plagued the world enough, it’s come back to hit our family again not even a year after we lost my Nan. I’m ill, but we don’t know how ill. If I’m lucky, this course of antibiotics I’m on (that’s making me feel super rough by the way) will fix it. If I’m not? I’m not sure I even want to think about that. And I just got some news, news that I can’t share with you all yet because I’ve been asked not to say anything.

I joked a minute ago to a woman I was working with that I was going to be signed off work with stress – I won’t be, but I needed to laugh.

It’s that time again. Time for Chrissie to be strong. Time for me to be there for everyone. Time for me to be the person everyone needs me to be at the moment. I know Joe is there for me. And I know I’ve got this platform to let off some steam on.

I hope everyone else is having a better time than I am at the moment! I just needed to vent!



Author: itsjustlittleoldme


6 thoughts on “Life happened.”

  1. I really hope your okay, and the news that you cant share yet is good. Try and smile as the world is a far better place when you do, but also don’t be afraid to go to friends for help. Dont leave it until you need to have a mini breakdown ( like I have done in the past ) to speak to the people closest to you. x


    1. Thank you – life just happened a little too much yesterday so along with work stresses it was too much. Doing a bit better today, I have a wonderful Joe by my side.
      Hope you’re well.


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