Capture the memories.

The other day I treated myself to a new camera lens, the prettiest thing I could have bought myself!


With a little persuasion from Joe, I took it to the football match we went to yesterday and got some amazing shots of the players and their children. The proudest moment in my photography hobbying is when one of the players used the image after I’d sent it to him on his own Instagram account, and another one of the players wives used one that I’d tagged them in on her account. Tonight, I’m giving both players copies of the photos!

It made me realise how much I love my camera and taking photos. A few years ago I got a lot of stick for wanting to go into photography because I’d never taken any classes or anything but now I don’t think I care as much. I want to keep taking photos and sharing them with whoever wants to see them. I have a Twitter you can follow for the photography stuff if you’re interested @CBPhoto. Tweet me any requests you want posted and I’ll see what I can do!

Photography can be such a wonderful artform. I’ve managed to capture some lovely moments with my camera.

Here are a few pieces from the old lens if you’re interested. Any feedback would be amazing too!

wpid-20150225_113009_richtonehdr.jpg IMG_4238 cropped-img_44012.jpg IMG_4256



Author: itsjustlittleoldme


5 thoughts on “Capture the memories.”

    1. Thank you 🙂 thinking about doing a photography for charity event or something.
      I get to practice something I love as well as raising money for amazing causes.

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