Motivation at an all time low.

Staying healthy is hard. If someone says it isn’t they’re either lying or they have amazingly good willpower. For us mere mortals though, it’s difficult.

A couple of years ago I made the decision to join a gym that ran weekly exercise classes – those ones where you feel as though your muscles are never, ever going to work again – and to change my eating habits. I wasn’t big as some people might define, a good size 12 nudging towards a 14 – these are UK sizes and I have NO idea what that equates to anywhere else – but I wasn’t happy. I didn’t wear things I wanted to because they just didn’t look right. Within 8 months I had abs. Actual abs. Not amazing six packs abs, but there was some definite definition there. 

Over the next year or so I was disciplined. Good at saying no to things I knew were bad for my health. Somewhere along the line that discipline has gone.

Don’t get me wrong, I slipped up every now and again, especially around assignment deadlines and exams but I was always able to pick myself back up and get back to it! Now it’s a completely different story.

My food during the day is fine, I don’t eat that much and what I do eat is pretty good. It’s evening meals and snacks that let me down. Big dinners, tea and biscuits, possibly splitting a tub of B&J with Joe. The willpower has left me!

Tomorrow is a new week, and I’m starting it with a fry up – Sunday fry ups got missed today, and it’s a Bank Holiday so basically another Sunday – but I will be exercising and making sure I have a good dinner in my belly ready for the next week!

I need to get back on the healthy train and stay there! I need those abs back and defined like they were before! Any tips/blogs to follow/recipes that are easy/cheap are more than welcome!

Sorry for the moan, lovelies!

Happy Sunday!



Author: itsjustlittleoldme


7 thoughts on “Motivation at an all time low.”

  1. I find doing things with other people helps. I don’t go to the gym, but I’m in a load of sports clubs – this way, me missing a day of exercise is letting other people down, whereas skipping a day at the gym only harms myself. It’s a lot easier to let yourself down than other people.

    But this probably won’t work if you’re exercising by yourself in the first place.


    1. Yeah I’ve been exercising by myself for ages! I’m just in a funk and need to get out of it – so I got myself a new fitness DVD that killed my body earlier. Dreading waking up in the morning!
      I’d love to have joined some teams and stuff, it sounds like fun 🙂


      1. It is if you find the right people – I football and rugby are probably two of my favourite sports to play, yet I’m not in teams for them because the lads who play them tend to be … dicks? At least in my experience.

        And I know that feel – my sensei has managed to inflict horrible muscle aches on us not through any karate moves, but by a creative combination of benches, plastic steps and large rubber balls. *shudders*

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        1. Yeah I get that feeling too! It’s fitting the time in for team stuff that has me stumped. I’ve always exercised alone, I just need to kick myself up the bum and get back to it!


  2. Sometimes I get to a point where I feel like I’ve been so good for so long, and I’m just about happy with my weight, and at that point motivation becomes a real issue. So I allow myself a couple of weeks to be slack, and I enjoy it, and then I’m ready to relaunch the diet and be good again. We all need a break from being good from time to time, and then we have to remind ourselves just what we want from a healthy lifestyle and what our short term goals are. Meeting these and celebrating just keeps the motivation going I find. Good luck!


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