I found positivity.

i’m trying a different point of view.


Some of you might remember a post I wrote a while ago when life decided to slap me round the face. Granddad had been diagnosed with cancer but we’re not sure of the extent of it, I’m ill and was worrying a lot and I had news that I couldn’t share – more on that a little later. That day I was just left in a horrible state full of worry, anxiety, anger and panic. Today, I find myself in the opposite mindset.

I mean, none of the above have disappeared. Granddad is still ill but we’re on the way to finding out how bad things are and hopefully treatment options. I’m still ill but I’m being seen urgently and will hopefully have answers soon – I’ll tell you all about it when I’m ready and know a little bit more. And the news I couldn’t share before I now can. I’m going to be an Auntie! Yes, this is happy news. But I’m also full of worry. She’s only young, I know how much people like to judge young Mums. So I’m bringing her up to stay with me for a few days. She needs to get away and just chill out for a little bit before all the madness comes about! She needs her big sister right now.

Today though I’m trying to ignore the ridiculous amount of things that are being sent to stress me out and instead focus on the happiness I have in my life at the moment. Joe is really enjoying his new job and it even looks good progression wise! I’m enjoying my work and looking at progressing this year and we’re looking at flats and starting to save properly so we can start our lives together properly. Today, for the first time in a long, long time, I walked out of the house with the biggest smile on my face. Today I really believe things are going to be okay.

Don’t get me wrong, I have a lot of issues I still need to deal with that I’ve ignored a little lately but they need to be dealt with. But I can do it. I’ve got a wonderful man, a wonderful family and some very special friends that can help me through it all.

Life has given me a good hand today and I intend to grab it while it’s there!


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