Happy Fathers Day.

My Mum was my Dad. But to all you Fathers out there. Have a wonderful day.


To all you Dads out there whose children know that you love them; those of you who fight day in day out to be a part of your children’s lives; those of you who genuinely love and want to be there for your children. And to all of you who have a Dad like that, treasure them. Not all of us have that.

My Dad never cared about me. My Mum left him when I was a baby for my own safety. I let him come back into my life when I was 18 only to be bitterly disappointed when I realised he only found me so he could make himself out to be a great man. Instead, he decided to make me feel like I didn’t matter at all – so I broke it all off. He wasn’t there when he should have been, so I have no business letting him back into my life again.

Instead, I dedicated Father’s Day to my Mum. The one who acted as both parents to me my entire life. So thank you Mum, for everything.

Happy Father’s Day.


Author: itsjustlittleoldme


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