My best friend, my soul mate.

What makes Joe amazing? Everything.


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Born to Be Withย You.”

To find your soul mate is a blessing. For that person to be your best friend too is amazing. I’m lucky, I’m going to one day marry my best friend. Some of you might already know about Joe – I do sometimes talk about him a lot – but today’s prompt has asked for detail on what makes him amazing. I won’t go into too much detail though – promise!

What makes Joe amazing is pretty simple really. He loves me. He knows my faults and flaws and still loves me. He knows what I need and makes sure I get it – even when I’m being stubborn and refusing his help for a bit.

The story of our relationship isn’t very romantic, nor is the story of our engagement but it’s ours. It’s our story. It’s our relationship. In all honesty, I wouldn’t change a single second of my relationship with Joe – including the harder parts! Everything we’ve been through together has made us the couple we are today.

So the prompt said something about details. So I’ll give a few actual examples of why he is so perfect.

  • He knows how much I love organisation, so he bought me some organisational bulldog clips for me.
  • He knows that just holding me is enough to make me feel better about things.
  • He gets on with my family – I’m sure my Mum loves him more than me…
  • He’ll sit through stupid romcoms just so I don’t have to sit through comic films – even if I am slowly being converted.
  • He’s not afraid to show other people that he loves me.
  • He’s my best friend.

It’s not the longest list in the world. And this post doesn’t even come close to showing how much I love him. Not even a tiny bit. But I hope it shows you that there are some good people out there. Sometimes, you just need to be a little bit patient.


Author: itsjustlittleoldme


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