How I Found Him.

Meeting someone online and getting to know them first doesn’t mean it’s not exciting.


This post is inspired by a post I read about online dating and whether or not it lacks that spontaneous thrill you get when you date in “real life”. The title and the start of this post probably don’t go together, but the reason I was inspired by that post was because I met Joe online.

It was around 5 and a half years ago and we met on anΒ awful site called Netlog. I’d link you to it but it’s been changed to actually show what it is. A site where a lot of people go just to find a quick fling. Me? I was on there to find some friends, and I honestly believe that’s why Joe was there too. We started talking as friends and then I found out he had a girlfriend so I didn’t push things. When they split up, I was with someone and when we split up he was back with his girlfriend. We finally got our friendship to blossom around January 2011, but I was soon to get with someone else. We lived 100 miles apart, I didn’t think it would work. I’d already had one really bad experience with a long distance relationship so I wasn’t sure whether or not I wanted that again. Soon enough, the relationship I was in fizzled out and there he was. Joe. He made everything so much better.

In the end, I decided I wanted to meet him in person. So I picked a date and just booked it. If I didn’t I probably would have backed out and I wouldn’t be where I am today. We were both so excited and I genuinely couldn’t wait to meet the person who had grown to be my best friend. I mean, we all want love, right?

On the day, I was sat on the coach and Joe called – he’d broken his phone so he woudn’t be able to talk to me until I was there. What an idiot! I’d broken my phone and we were counting on his to get some cute little photos of the trip. He did good though. He turned up on time and was stood there waiting. I got off the coach and we hugged – the least awkward hug I’ve ever had in my entire life. His words? “About time”. We walked out of the station and he held my hand, and while we were waiting for our train to his we had the most awkward first kiss. Neither of us knew what to do, whether to do it or whether to just stand there. To this day I believe Ortis Deley witnessed our first kiss.

I met his brother, sister in law and their children that day, and then we went back to his, ordered pizza and watched Eastenders and The Wedding Singer. Oh, and we took a LOT of photos. There was a lot of back and forth for 9 months, and then I moved to London for University and we haven’t looked back.

4 years on from the day I travelled to London to meet Joe and we’re in our own flat building our lives together. Plans for travelling, marriage and children all in the pipeline and I can’t wait.

I may not have a lot to thank the internet for, especially Netlog, but I will thank both for letting me find my best friend and the man I plan to marry one day.

231151_10150185413363691_3932676_n 11822834_10153120220748691_6921220588938444211_n

From the first night to now.


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    1. Thank you! And sorry for taking so long to reply. WordPress hid your comment from me!
      People can be spontaneous whenever they want to – not just at the beginning of a relationship.


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