Hospital Trips.

A long day in hospital but a wonderful man to look after me.


Today I had to go in for my keyhole surgery to see if we can work out what’s going on with my body! Thankfully, I got a couple of answers so now I’m just relaxing at home to recover.

The wait to come home though, was awful! I went back to the ward around 12.45 (having gone down at around 10.15 for a supposed 20-40 minute procedure) and slept on and off for around an hour and a half. The only thing was, I wanted Joe there. For some reason, on adult day surgery wards you’re not allowed visitors. The nurses did sneak him in for 2 minutes though while he gave me back my glasses so I could see again, was so nice to see him! In all honesty, I just couldn’t wait to come home. I had low blood pressure, the biscuits were horrible and the tea just wasn’t right. I needed Joe, PG tips and crap TV (well, Dexter. That’s not crap TV). So here I am!

Joe (of course) is being the perfect gentleman and weighting on me hand and foot. Well, as much as I’ll let him do anyway – I hate being babied! He’s made me tea, made up a bed on the sofa and is making sure I have everything I need.

When I’ve got some time, I’ll tell you about the ladies I shared the waiting room with. I didn’t know whether to bury my head in my colouring book or laugh with them.

For now though? It’s time to relax and spend some proper time with Joe now I’m really awake.


Author: itsjustlittleoldme


2 thoughts on “Hospital Trips.”

  1. HI,
    I met you on Jason’s site. I also like photography and have blogged about it several times. I am sorry you are having health issues, but it sounds like your fiance is supportive.
    Nice to meet you.


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