Clearblue was quite clear…

I don’t reblog a lot, but this needs to be shared. This young lady wanted a baby so badly. She went abroad for IVF and it seems she is pregnant. Congratulations, lovely!


Didn’t expect that on my first try! Since the fertility clinic told me I would be throwing money out the window by trying… It seems like I’m pregnant!!! 🙂

I’m in shock, even if this was planned… I just didn’t expect it. Everyone told me to look for other options.

I think my girlfriend is as shocked as I. She’s been very clear that she doesn’t want children. And the plan all along has been for her to move to go to school in about 6 months. Obviously we can’t be together if I’m expecting a baby (or babies… OMG). So this is going to be a change in so many ways. But I want this, so there’s no turning back. It’s just that we’re really good together. So while I’m really happy about the pregnancy – I’m sad that the relationship is ending. I knew this was going to…

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