Wedding Planning

Wedding planning is genuinely the most stressful thing I’ve ever embarked upon in my life. Amidst this uni course, house hunting for our move to somewhere completely new, and trying to work out how much money we need, the wedding is driving me absolutely mad!

It’s not just the big bits that are driving me mad, finding a venue, dress, photographer, etc., it’s the supposedly smaller things. – the guest list. It’s driving me absolutely bonkers. We’re trying to work out who we really want there, while also trying to make sure the important people are invited and trying not to upset anyone.

It’s genuinely the hardest thing I have to do, and to be honest, I just want the wedding here so that I can be married to the love of my life. Why does it have to be so frustrating!



Author: itsjustlittleoldme


4 thoughts on “Wedding Planning”

  1. The guest list is definitely the hardest thing! Don’t know if it helps, but you can invite 10-20% more people than you have room for though, as about that percentage will decline the invitation or drop out in the last few days. We invited distant older relatives we knew wouldn’t come, but at least they weren’t upset. I think we sent them cake afterwards too. Good luck with it all!


    1. That’s kind of the plan but instead of sending more invites, we’re having a backup so if people don’t rsvp then we have more people 🙂 there’s always people who you have to invite before the ones you really would love to be there


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