I chose this adventure.

At 18, I kept being told that I should be going out clubbing, drinking and making memories. I should have been “making the most of it while I’m young”. For some reason, this didn’t click with me. I wasn’t excited by the prospect of going somewhere I couldn’t talk to my friends.

What did excite me? Planning BBQ’s at the beach, going to the pub every now and again and going for dinner. I liked doing things where I could really spend time with my friends. When I then went to uni, the focus went from clubbing to travelling. I had to go travelling before I settled down. So when I turned up engaged at 19, I was effectively told that was it.


Yes, I got engaged and then married young. Does that mean I can’t experience what other people do? Does it really mean I can’t see the world? No. No it doesn’t.


What it does mean, is that I get to have adventures with my best friend. We get to experience everything together. Why is that a bad thing? I can’t wait for us to have adventures for us to be able to share with our friends, our families and our children.


Just because I have chosen to get married at 24, and chosen to settle down with a career, does not mean I’m limited. It means that I have chosen a different adventure. I have friends who have travelled the world, friends who already have children, friends who are stuck in the middle and some friends who are in the same place I’m in.


We all have different priorities, goals and adventures. The way we want to do these things are different and that’s okay. I didn’t choose an adventure that would take me around the world. I chose the adventure where I get to spend my life with my best friend, exploring different life paths and places together. I chose the married adventure. That doesn’t mean I’m missing out on something else.


Don’t let someone else dictate to you what your adventure should be. Choose your own.