We voted to leave.

The UK decided to leave the EU today. A decision that could have very easily gone the other way and a decision that is being argued by almost half of the public it seems. It’s led to the resignation of our Prime Minister, the gloating of a member of another party, and a very happy Boris. The thing is though, none of us really know what this means.
Yes, the pound did plummet. Did we really expect it not to? It’s uncertain, and I’m sure it’ll bounce back. Yes, it was very close. And yes, it appears the older generation took control of the vote and this was the reason for the Leave campaign taking victory.
But, what has shocked me the most today, is not that we decided to leave the EU, it’s the awful way people I know are treating others today. Those that voted out are now being branded as the following: bigots, intolerant, narrow minded, racists, stupid, at fault for everything that could possibly go wrong with leaving the EU. This is disgusting. We are all people; we were all friends yesterday, but now the Remain camp seems to think it’s perfectly acceptable to call the Leave camp all these names, without actually speaking to anyone. I’ve seen a few of my friends having to completely defend themselves for having come to their own conclusion for the future of Britain. 
Not everyone voted due to immigration. Not everyone voted due to money. Some voted due to wanting power back. Some voted due to wanting to be fairer to the wider world. Some voted because they were scared of the other way – this is the problem.
Had both campaigns carried out truthful, informative work, we probably wouldn’t be sat here hating each other. Instead, both campaigns used fear. The Leave campaign said we’d be flooded by immigrants and we’d have no reason to cry over a terrorist attack if we remained. The Remain campaign said that if we left the EU we’d have no back up, no friends and our economy would crumble. How are people meant to make informed decisions having this shoved down their throats.
The Leave campaign had awful faces – Nigel Farage, Katie Hopkins and even Donald Trump has supported Brexit – which is most likely the cause of every person voting out being branded racist. It’s time people realised that we are free people, capable of making decisions. We called for a vote. We called for our right to democracy and we got it. We used our votes and we voted to Leave.
Now is the time to pull together to make sure we get through this change in one piece, not begin tearing each other to pieces on day one. We don’t know the future. Who knows, this could be the best thing to ever happy to the UK.

Disclaimer – I know this isn’t the best written piece you’ll read, especially on the EU. I don’t have a knack for this kind of thing, but this is a platform I feel I won’t be attacked for airing this. This is a platform I feel I could have some kind of actual conversation and decent debate with someone.


I’m back. Well, I’m trying to be back.

When I first started this blog, I was really good at updating you all with my life on a day to day basis, but now? Yeah I went off a little bit. But here I am, trying again!

Since we last spoke properly, a lot has happened.

I know you all know I lost my Granddad in September, that was a pretty hard hit, especially when it was only around 15 months since we lost Nanny. It sucked, but with the help of Joe and my family and friends, I’m managing to get through it. I started Uni again, which again I’m pretty sure you all know, but hey! My blog, I can repeat myself if I want to. My sister gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and my brother and his girlfriend had a beautiful baby boy – proud auntie right here! Oh, and we booked our wedding!

Yes, we booked our wedding! On the 13th May 2017 I finally get to marry my best friend. The one I laugh and cry with. The one I’m grumpy with half the time. The one who just makes everything better. I cannot wait! The only hard thing is, the wedding isn’t where we live, it’s actually a couple of hours away! Not that I care, it’s beautiful, half way between the two families and I, no we, love it.

So now, I’m in the process of trying to finish a postgraduate diploma, plan a wedding, make sure we don’t lose our flat (tenancy coming to an end), be an awesome auntie and be a person all at the same time!

I’ve joined a couple of wedding planning groups on facebook, and I’m in touch with the lady who helps us plan things at the reception so it’s not all bad, I have a lot of help! It’s just nervewracking! Next on our list is sorting a photographer and giving notice to become man and wife.

Now for the big decision – do I keep my name, or change it?


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A Letter.

Dear Nanny and Granddad,

I’m having a reallly hard time without you at the moment, everything is going so well and I wish with everything I have that you were here to witness it.

I passed my first exam the other day – I did really well and all I wanted to do as tell you about it all. I want to tell you about how I’m getting married next year and I can’t wait for you to see me walking down the aisle. To see me finally marry the love of my life. Continue reading “A Letter.”

Wedding Planning

Wedding planning is genuinely the most stressful thing I’ve ever embarked upon in my life. Amidst this uni course, house hunting for our move to somewhere completely new, and trying to work out how much money we need, the wedding is driving me absolutely mad!

It’s not just the big bits that are driving me mad, finding a venue, dress, photographer, etc., it’s the supposedly smaller things. – the guest list. It’s driving me absolutely bonkers. We’re trying to work out who we really want there, while also trying to make sure the important people are invited and trying not to upset anyone.

It’s genuinely the hardest thing I have to do, and to be honest, I just want the wedding here so that I can be married to the love of my life. Why does it have to be so frustrating!


Am I forgetting you?

Am I forgetting you? I must be. I don’t think of you every day. It doesn’t hurt every day. I don’t look to the sky every night like I used to and I don’t look at my tattoo and cry.

I forgot your birthday on Tuesday. It’s only your second birthday without you here and I forgot. Yes, everyone says it’s fine because of everything else going on, but how can it be fine to forget your birthday. How can it be fine to forget you.

It’s not just you, Nanny. It’s Granddad too. We only lost him a few months ago and I don’t think of him every day. The only time I get upset is when I see other people upset. When I see my Mum upset.

I don’t want to forget you. I don’t even want to miss you, but missing you it better than forgetting you.

I love you both, with all my heart.


A lot happened last year

I know I’m really late to the game with the whole “this happened last year” post, but actually, I’ve been so busy with work that I haven’t had the time to really sit and process the amount that happened!

I graduated! I managed to get through three of the hardest years of my entire life and graduated with a 2:1 honours degree. It was AMAZING!

I got my first job. The experience was amazing and I can’t thank the people I worked with enough. They made the transition so smooth and they were all so supportive. I don’t think I could have done it without them.

Joe and I moved into our own little home. This, in all honesty, is the absolute highlight of my year. It was the time when we both came together and made a home, started our lives and realised just how much we are a team. It’s the best decision we ever made!

I got back into uni! Ha, within 7 months of leaving I was back! But I’m doing something I love with all my heart so I don’t regret it in the slightest!

I became an Auntie! EEEK my sister had a little, beautiful baby girl! It was the most amazing experience meeting my little sisters beautiful little baby. It’s the best feeling in the world.

Finally, I lost two of the most important men in my life. My Granddad and my Uncle Bob. My Granddad passed away in September and it killed me. The only solace I can find from this though, is that he’s back with Nanny. The absolute love of his life. My Uncle Bob was an amazing man who did so much for me and my family, it’s heartbreaking that he’s gone, but he’s in a better place and no longer in pain.

It’s fair to say 2015 was a year of ups and downs. A year full of challenges that we’ve managed to overcome. But now it’s 2016 and it’s time to look forward.

Happy belated new year everyone!