Being Online – is it safe?

Being safe online is key. I’ve been tricked once or twice myself.


I’m of the generation where my teenage life took place largely online. I wasn’t the most popular girl in school, so I gravitated towards online social media to make some new friends – after all, you can be anyone you like online. That, however, is the danger of meeting online.

Throughout my years on various social networks, I have been lucky enough to meet some amazing people – 2 of my close friends I met through social media, that’s also where I met Joe – but I’ve also been unlucky to fall victim to fake profiles.

One girl faked a profile, got caught, apologised and then did it again! When we found her out I confronted her and she still stuck to her story that she was the real person. Other profiles, I’m not 100% sure are fake, but i do have my suspicions. Thankfully, I’m not in contact with those people anymore – I found friends in real life!

Remember, there are always ways to make sure someone is real while you’re talking to them – think Catfish tactics – and if they’re not willing to prove themselves, but want a friendship, I’d be wary. It doesn’t mean they are lying, but it is a bit of a warning sign. Skype is an amazing thing – I used MSN back in the day when that’s where the cool kids were – and it’s so easy to just click on the little webcam button! But that’s for you guys to decide.

I’m not saying I’d recommend meeting people online, as nothing beats meeting someone in real life and having all the little awkward moments getting to know each other, but I also wouldn’t write it off. I mean, without online meeting, I wouldn’t have two of my closest friends or my fiance. And, isn’t a blog a kind of social media? I socialise with bloggers everyday with no fear of my personal safety. What I will say, is make sure you know how to stay safe online.

Parents, if any are reading, I’d love to hear your perspectives. With so much going on online now, and so many ways to access the internet, are you worried about what your children are up to online? Have you spoken to them about how to stay safe online and what response did you get?

For those of you who have had similar experiences to mine – or completely different – have your online experiences changed the way you interact with people over the internet?

I’ve learned from a lot from my mistakes when meeting people online, and I’m not really on the social media scene now – aside from the usual Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – and I’ve made friends in the real world, even bringing some of my “online friends” into that world!

As Joe says to me every day when I leave for work “Have fun, stay safe”.


Retinoblastoma, know what you’re looking for.

There are so many different health conditions that we know so little about. This one is something we should all be aware of.

I was scrolling through Facebook last night and came across this article that had been shared by a friend of mine and it got me thinking. I started this blog to write about my experiences as a student nurse and going into a staff nurse role. I also wanted to have an influence on people and help to educate in areas that few people know about. So here is goes. This is the story I read about – have a read and pass it around. Continue reading “Retinoblastoma, know what you’re looking for.”

Yes, another trip to Soapland…

Bobby Beale killed Lucy? Was that let down or what?

BOBBY BEALE you little devil. Bless him though I don’t think he knew what he had done (yes, I know it’s not real but, you know…). I’m disappointed in Eastenders though, it seems like they literally went for the least likely person it could be… her youngest brother.

Right up until Abi was 100% ruled out, i wanted it to be her, her character is boring, and in an attempt to make her a little bit interesting we saw her turn from sweet little Abi to a bitchy teenager who is so desperate for attention she decided she’s now in love with Ben – who we all know is gay. This would have at least added something to her character.

But Bobby? What are they going to do? Send him off to prison forever or is this a repeat of when Lauren tried to kill Max and Tanya took the wrap? Is it byebye Jane as she’s carted off to prison – just as she marries Ian (again!).

For a story line that went on that long, the flashback episode didn’t really live up to expectations, and neither did the killer!

Well played Eastenders for catching us out, but I still wish it was Abi, or even Jane. Bobby didn’t cut it for me.

What are your thoughts on the young killer? And how the hell did he manage to keep quiet and act normal all this time?!

Lesson learned – don’t do drugs, or keep jewellery boxes on the table.


Are you sure, Eastenders?

Yes, I am a soapie. And yes, I watch Eastenders. Oh, and yes. This is a post about who killed Lucy Beale.

* Warning – I am a soapie and this is a soapland post, that will be followed by another after Eastenders finally tells me what happened to Lucy! (Us nurses are partial to a little soapland now and again – or in my case every night – as they let us escape reality for a little bit, sorry!) *

The Eastenders team has kept us waiting for 308 days (I didn’t count, the team or BBC or someone posted something earlier, I’m not that obsessed), and even after the live episode where the “killer” was revealed, they’re still claiming that there is more to come with a killer twist! I, along with so many other people have been waiting for this and I feel so let down – even though thinking back it should have been obvious it was Jane.

I’m still not 100% convinced though, especially after the Eastenders team tweeted about a killer twist in the episode at 9.25pm…


My Twitter and Facebook timelines are going mad right now with various conspiracies thanks to the above tweets – some think that Peter helped Jane cover it up, some think Bobby killed Lucy and Jane covered it up for him – Bobby? Really? – but my theory is Cindy killed Lucy, Jane took the wrap because Cindy has a baby. or maybe that’s why Jane killed Lucy? Remember when Lucy was pregnant, Jane was meant to adopt her baby because she can’t have children but then Lucy said no and had an abortion? Underlying resentment and a motive right there! But would Jane really kill her for that?

Anyway, I’ll post a part 2 to this post either tonight (if my eyes still work) or at some point tomorrow.

What are your thoughts on the story line? Did it go on too long? Was it really the biggest thing to happen to Eastenders? Or was it built up only for us all to be bitterly disappointed that it wasn’t Abi (like me)?


Appreciate who, not what, you’ve got.

Remember the people in your life who are there when you lose everything else.

The world is so focused on the materialistic things in life. I’m guilty of it just as much as anyone – see my last post for example, but I am aware that the people in my life are the ones who mean more than any amount of money ever could. When was the last time you looked around and appreciated just how much love you have around you?

Your parents.

Your parents created and raised you. Continue reading “Appreciate who, not what, you’ve got.”

Money, Money, Money.

Money isn’t everything. But having enough can make a big difference.

Money, money, money. If I’m honest, I’m sick of thinking about it. For once, I’d like to enjoy myself without worrying that I’m going to either have no money at the end of it, or no money to begin with. I can never just let go, and quite frankly I am sick of it.

Now I know I’m not the only student to have gone through this, and I can’t even complain that much because I had more than most students – a student loan, a monthly bursary and I’m living with my fiance’s parents, but it was still hard. And right now, I’m neither a student or graduate at this point – I’m in limbo – and I’m struggling. I have one last bursary payment and a small amount of savings to last me until possibly the end of April, and I really don’t want to spend that time being so stressed out I can’t enjoy my time off properly, or my work when I start it.

So, what did I do to try and sort my finances? I asked Google – obviously. Who doesn’t? The answers? Not so helpful. I was shown to a number of survey websites which take a lifetime to get a payout because you get written out of almost every survey you try and complete! I also found things like babysitting. Now, I LOVE babysitting, because I love children (I’m a paediatric nurse – almost) and I’ve been babysitting for years. I’ve gotten one babysitting job after posting and messaging I don’t even know how many times. I also tried photography – something else I love, but that’s also a dead end.

I guess I’m just stuck – and I’ve just realised this entire post is just me moaning about something everyone is going through at the moment – and I just want to enjoy life for a little bit. Just a few, stress free weeks. Is that really too much to ask?

Almost everything in life is more important than money – friends, love, family – but being comfortable can relieve a little stress, allowing you to enjoy those things that are more important without that stress at the back of your mind.

Anyway, apologies for the moaning post guys. Thanks for reading.


Valentines Day? Show your love everyday.

Valentines Day is just one day of many where you should show the ones you love just how much you mean to them.
Here, meet Joe.

1507954_10152038849793691_979800928_nSee that guy? That’s Joe (the fiance you might hear a little too much about!). He’s quite honestly, amazing. The love of my life, my best friend and my rock all rolled into one. Now, I know everyone is going to think this is the usual “OH MY GOD I LOVE HIM SO MUCH VALENTINES IS SO AMAZING!” post, but it’s not.

See, Joe and I have been together 4 years this year, living together and engaged for 3. Continue reading “Valentines Day? Show your love everyday.”