Look hard enough.

There’s something beautiful everywhere.

I live in London, a concrete jungle. I’m not from London though, I’m from the countryside. I’m used to seeing greenery and animals all over the place, so London is a complete contract to that.

But today, we ventured out and stumbled across a beautiful place that’s just across the road! 

It made me think. We’re very easy to recognise the obvious beauty day to day, but what ancirsscrosscross But what about the beauty that takes a little longer to see? 

By looking past the concrete, I saw this today.

(Photo on my instagram; @imcrispybacon)

It made me take a step back and breathe. Something I’m not too good at at the moment.

I hope you find beauty daily. 




A dry scalp is never a good look…

Okay, I need your help – desperately!
For about 6-8 weeks now I’ve had a really, really dry scalp and my hair is literally falling out more and more each day – I’m going to end up bald if this carries on! My hairdresser said this is most likely down to stress. If any of you regularly read my blog you might realise that I am under a lot of pressure at the moment – too much in fact!
I know there are a lot of beauty bloggers out there, and possible hairdressers too. Even people with amazing stress relieving techniques! Well, I need to hear from you – pronto if possible! I have my graduation next week and my gown is black!
Lots of thanks in advance.