Because sometimes life happens.

So, I’ve just started the 30 days to self improvement challenge. Day one was going over something that I was proud of, so I showed my graduation. Today is the day where I am meant to start a journal. HOWEVER, I already have this blog, so I figure that instead of starting a journal, I’m just going to commit to writing here a little more often.

Sometimes, it’s good to put pen to paper (or just type on the laptop) to get out of my own head. It’s amazing how therapeutic it is really. I know my writing style isn’t perfect or polished, but I do actually really enjoy spending a little bit of time on the blog. The thing is though, I don’t actually know what you all want to know!

I know the last few posts have been quite down, as I’ve tried to work through areas of my anxiety, but actually I do lead a really happy life. I have the most wonderful HUSBAND, a wonderful group of friends, a job I love and a future I can’t wait to start planning properly. So, let me tell you about something wonderful in my life.

Today, I found out that I’m potentially being put on a course that will help further my career a tiny bit! It’s something I’ve wanted to do since I first qualified and it’s a step in the right direction. I’m also hopefully going to be working on a new working group soon that will really help the people I ¬†work with. I know it’s not a lot, but it’s something to focus on. I love studying further and getting a little ahead. I think I might actually be addicted to University.

No, I don’t think. I KNOW. I spent 3 years at uni, took a 6 month break and went back. I’ve been out of uni for 9 months and I’m already looking at going back! Maybe I just don’t want to grow up.

So there you go, something a little less dreary, and a little (vague) insight into my life!

I’m going to try and start blogging here around 3 times per week.

Speak to you soon, lovelies.




Exploding or collapsing? I’m not sure which word correctly indicates how I’m feeling right now.

Now, there is a lot going on right now. My Granddads funeral is on Friday, Joe has started his new course, I’m overwhelmed with work from this new course, my sister is heavily pregnant, my sister in law is also pregnant and Joe and I have set a date for a wedding.

While most of this is really good stuff, it’s still really stressful and comes with a whole lot of pressure. Throw into the mix that my family is miles away and that’s where I am right now. 100 miles away from the family I know and love. I’ve got Joe here, and his family. I love them all, but sometimes I just need a mummy hug.

I’m trying to stay strong for everyone and everything going on but sometimes it’s tough.

Maybe I need to blog more often.



The Blogging from A-Z Challenge!

Now, I did try to sign up, but whether it worked or not? I have no idea. But, I’m going to do it anyway!

The theme I’m going to go for is “Thoughts and Feelings”… the reason I started blogging in the first place. So here we go with A.¬† Continue reading “The Blogging from A-Z Challenge!”

New Beginnings.

A new beginning. A new challenge.

Starting in a new job is nerve-wracking. When you’ve been waiting for the job for three years, it’s even worse. You’ve spent so long as a shadow in the job, that being in the hot seat is pretty terrifying! But, terrifying as it may be, it’s so exciting!

Tomorrow, I take the plunge and jump into my new role at my new work place!
Having spent two days on induction days, I can’t wait. I can’t wait to get stuck in and really get to grips with the role, meet the team and make some new friends.

The new challenge? Make sure I know what I’m doing. Enjoy this new part in my life! Now all I need to do is work out how to make time for everything else – Joe, exercise, fun things and friends – oh, and the blog of course.

I’ll keep you all as updated as possible with how the job is going, but I can’t really say much. What I will say though, is that I already love my job, and knowing where I’m going lifts so much off of my shoulders.


Hello Adulthood.

Blog posts may slow down a little bit, but life is speeding up.

After three years at University, I finally take the first step in my new career tomorrow, and if that wasn’t exciting enough, I get to meet Joe’s Auntie who’s over from Dubai after work! But shh, it was meant to be a secret – oops. Continue reading “Hello Adulthood.”