What a week.

Stress is never fun. The weekend should be.


It’s been one hell of a week and I am so happy it’s finally the weekend!

I found out I need exploratory keyhole (I thought I told you all about it the other day but I posted it on the wrong blog – oops!) to find out what’s happening with me. One of Joe’s dogs had to be put to sleep because she got really poorly (you can see a photo of her here), we put a holding deposit down on a flat and now we’re just waiting to see if we passed the referencing (seriously, the most stressful thing I’ve ever done) and I’m literally feeling the effects of the stress. 

My hair is falling out, my scalp is disappearing, I’m losing weight and I’m feeling sick all the time. I just need some time to just destress and get away from everything, even if only for a day! Too bad the holiday isn’t until the end of August.

Anyway, today will be better. Joe’s asleep in preparation for his night shift, I’m editing photos and blogging and later I’m going to get my eyebrows done and find out if I can have contact lenses! Exciting.

Happy Saturday!


Author: itsjustlittleoldme


6 thoughts on “What a week.”

  1. I try to find the positives in the things I’m dong when I’m busy, rather than look beyond them for good stuff in the future. Otherwise you run the risk of putting everything into the ‘I enjoy this’ box or the ‘I don’t enjoy this’ box, and events are rarely that simple.

    That being said, good to hear you’ll be doing things you’re looking forward to 🙂


    1. Yeah, I usually do but I felt like I was drowning in stress this week!
      On the bright side, I uploaded a new photo to my other blog, found out I can try contact lenses and now I’m catching up on some TV!
      I hope you’ve had a nice Saturday!

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          1. I’m screwed because my optician is the only one around who can do diabetic retinopathy scans, so I have no choice but to go there – he can charge me whatever he wants because I don’t have an alternative. Economics!

            The best part is that my prescription isn’t even that strong…


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