I chose my own family. I chose well.


For most people – I do apologise if I’ve badly generalised – that I have met, their family consists of parents (including stepparents), siblings and grandparents with the odd aunt, uncle and cousin thrown in for good measure. Some class them as family out of some misguided sense of obligation or loyalty, some class them as family because they’ve been told that these people are part of their family through relation or marriage. Me? I class family as the people who deserve to be called just that. Sadly, this means I class more of Joe’s family as my own than I do of the people who are meant to be in mine.  Continue reading “Family.”

Just to say…

Starting a blog and letting the world in is a scary thing. So thank you all for making it so easy.

… thank you.

Having been apprehensive about starting a blog, I finally took the plunge about a month ago and I am so glad I did. Not only have I read some wonderful blogs, I’ve found posts that I can actually relate to, and finally found a social platform I can browse and post with ease.

Having chosen not to share posts directly with Facebook, only Twitter, the majority of readers I have seem to be from the WordPress world who have somehow stumbled across my blog and decided to click the little follow button – thank you!

Being on here has boosted my confidence, and although I don’t really know any of you personally, I feel as though I am getting somewhere just by reading and enjoying your posts.

Every follow, like and comment I get adds to the confidence (I realise I’m now setting myself up for a fall, someone is going to comment something bad now) I now have in myself.

So thank you, followers/likers/commenters/fellow bloggers, thank you for letting me use this blog in a way I want to use it, and not how someone else believes I should use it.

Keep blogging, keep reading. I’m off to find some new blogs to enjoy!


The Lake District

It was the best few days we’ve ever had..
Warning – a very, very long post.

*this could be quite long, I understand if you leave half way through – or don’t even start*

IMG_4471 IMG_4401

Monday: Getting there.

The day you get to your destination, not a whole lot tends to happen. I mean, we had a good breakfast, got a faster train. checked in and explored the little village, but other than that, Monday was pretty uneventful. Continue reading “The Lake District”

I know I said I wouldn’t…

Can you really blame me for wanting to let you all know about this amazing view?

Okay, I know I said I probably wouldn’t post, but I just had to.

We are having the most amazing time here in the Lake District. The rain, wind, hail and snow we experienced today didn’t even hinder the experience we had – it was so much fun.

So, until my post on Friday about the complete amazing week we’re  having, enjoy this photo (despite the horrible weather that doesn’t do it justice at all).



Blogging for goodness.

Raising money in memory of my Nan was genuinely one of the best things I’ve ever done.

Last year Joe and I raised £445 for MacMillan Cancer Care by running a total of 100 miles throughout the month of August in memory of my Nan after she lost her battle with cancer.

This year, I’d like to do something to raise money again, for another Cancer based charity. Now, chances are I will do it for MacMillan again, but I was wondering what other cancer based charities we have in the UK other than Cancer Research UK? And also if any of you guys had any ideas for possible fundraising ideas.

A lot of people say bungee jumps or sky dives but you usually need a set amount of sponsorship first. I was thinking possibly something along the same lines as my previous fundraising venture.

All ideas welcome!

Together, we can make a difference.


Until Friday…

It’s time for a well deserved break. See you when I get back!

Every one of us needs a break from reality from time to time. Well, after three long years at uni and almost four years together and no holiday, Joe and I are off to the Lake District tomorrow. I cannot wait!

Both of us are burned out, and we just need to get away from busy, city life, and just escape into a world where noone knows us, we don’t have work to worry about and family dramas can stay at home. Continue reading “Until Friday…”

Being Online – is it safe?

Being safe online is key. I’ve been tricked once or twice myself.

I’m of the generation where my teenage life took place largely online. I wasn’t the most popular girl in school, so I gravitated towards online social media to make some new friends – after all, you can be anyone you like online. That, however, is the danger of meeting online.

Throughout my years on various social networks, I have been lucky enough to meet some amazing people – 2 of my close friends I met through social media, that’s also where I met Joe – but I’ve also been unlucky to fall victim to fake profiles.

One girl faked a profile, got caught, apologised and then did it again! When we found her out I confronted her and she still stuck to her story that she was the real person. Other profiles, I’m not 100% sure are fake, but i do have my suspicions. Thankfully, I’m not in contact with those people anymore – I found friends in real life!

Remember, there are always ways to make sure someone is real while you’re talking to them – think Catfish tactics – and if they’re not willing to prove themselves, but want a friendship, I’d be wary. It doesn’t mean they are lying, but it is a bit of a warning sign. Skype is an amazing thing – I used MSN back in the day when that’s where the cool kids were – and it’s so easy to just click on the little webcam button! But that’s for you guys to decide.

I’m not saying I’d recommend meeting people online, as nothing beats meeting someone in real life and having all the little awkward moments getting to know each other, but I also wouldn’t write it off. I mean, without online meeting, I wouldn’t have two of my closest friends or my fiance. And, isn’t a blog a kind of social media? I socialise with bloggers everyday with no fear of my personal safety. What I will say, is make sure you know how to stay safe online.

Parents, if any are reading, I’d love to hear your perspectives. With so much going on online now, and so many ways to access the internet, are you worried about what your children are up to online? Have you spoken to them about how to stay safe online and what response did you get?

For those of you who have had similar experiences to mine – or completely different – have your online experiences changed the way you interact with people over the internet?

I’ve learned from a lot from my mistakes when meeting people online, and I’m not really on the social media scene now – aside from the usual Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – and I’ve made friends in the real world, even bringing some of my “online friends” into that world!

As Joe says to me every day when I leave for work “Have fun, stay safe”.